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So, this is it… It’s time to say good bye to the glorious era of this human life, being a college student. It’s a time when you can enjoy in this world to the maximum. Isn’t it? Those silly jokes you laugh at, those funny practical jokes you play on others, those your friends played on you, the silly fights you got involved with your loved ones, bunking classes for no reason and coming back at the end of that hour just to get attendance. The time when your friends make your wallet empty when it’s your birthday.

Then there is love, love & love alone… You notice a particular guy (or girl) and start feeling that, that particular person is the one you were waiting for all the time. That your life will become meaningless if he/she is not present in it as your beloved. The emptiness you feel inside when you’re trying to talk with that special somebody. The silly reasons you make just to get a glance of that person and the stupid situations you end up putting yourselves in. These are just some of the little things in the college life which almost everyone has to cherish in his or her memories. These are some of the things which will never come back in this life, no matter how hard you pray for that.

College life is perhaps the only phase in life when you’ll be able to be yourself, trying out entirely new things, finding your passion and exploring life without any tension at all. You’ll be having the best time of your life along with your best friends who will be just like your family.

This is also the time when you got to be extra careful about the choices you make. Let it be in case of friends, love or even career. One wrong choice and everything tumbles down like a castle made of cards. So like the wise people always say “You better play it safe buddy”.

Once you get out of college, things just get way serious. You gotta find a job, make a living, help your parents, and make a family… whoa whoa get a break! It’s too much of a load right? Well that’s how it is, that time is all about serious business buddy. You gotta prove yourself to this world, leave a signature in this world by conquering your dreams. Make your loved ones really proud.

All that time, these days will never come back, you might be ready to give away everything else in this world which you’ve got, still these days will never come. These bunking of classes, playing prank on others, trying really hard to woo your special someone. You’ll miss these days for sure. You will realize that you had left back your own heaven. Cherish these wonderful memories of college life, live these moments as if you’re gonna die tomorrow. Keep the fire you got inside you throughout your life. Conquer your every dream you have in this life and emerge victorious in the end. Wishing each and every one of you a very successful life. Never let these days go in vain guys. Live this moment!





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  1. Sini Suresh says:

    “Like” :-)
    All d Very Best to r Super Seniors..!!!

  2. Thank you :-) don’t jet these days go in vain k… You gotta study but along with that try to be yourself and enjoy even the little little things happening around… ‘m sure you’ll love your college life forever.



  3. You in which branch? Year?

  4. I guess you’re th among th first few s1s2 people to come across cetly live… :-) welcome can u say abt our campus blog and all to your friends n classmates and make them too contribute?

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