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Hey Netizens…

Get stuck with this Title?

Yeah its true,

Here is a story of successful Coder-a computer science student at Stanford University,


Well,I have some questions,

How fast you can search-find-and-watch Youtube videos?


Have you imagined,if we had a Google instant type facility for YouTube?



Its there.With YouTubeInstead,as soon as you type the keyword,it will give you suggestions on videos,so that your searching will be Easy.

The story goes like this,after the announcenement of Google instant Feross decided to build Youtube-Instant, a site that lets you search across the vast YouTube video database in real-time.

It started out as a bet with his roommate, Jake Becker. He bet him,that he could build real-time YouTube search in less than an hour. Sadly, he lost the bet – It took me 3 hours to finish it, and another couple hours to polish the user interface into what you see now at YTInstant.com.

(cool na? we’d waste many of our Bets in restaurants, theatres,….etc )


After finishing his work,he updated his Twitter as:

Heard of Google Instant?Well,I built YouTube Instant.

He got a wonderful reply from Chad Hurley.

(Who is Chad Hurley? He is just the CEO of YouTube!!)


Hurley said, Hey Feross Loving YouTube Instant,Want a JOB?!!!!

But Feross couldn’t believe that,he askd: Is that a for-real Job Offer??!

Chad replied: Are you Ready to Leave School?!

Whoa…what a fantastic guy he is,isn’t it?


Here is that conversation:

To know more about Feross just goto his site.


Moral: To get an Instant job,Code a Cool Idea!

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